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Phoenix,Az-HongKongBuffet 2/22/2012 5:32:30 PM
This Buffet costs $16 per person, but its well worth it. They have prime rib, crab legs, all kinds of seafood (including jelly fish). Plus they have a sushi bar and a stir fry area. Really good!
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Check out your childs school 2/22/2007 5:50:28 PM Be it home school or private, check it out yourself.
Do not take the word of the school, or the word of a parent associated with that school.
Take the word of someone else, outside of the school. See if its real!!!
A diploma isn't worth anything if noone recognizes it.
The following happened to a friend recently.
We had started talking about home schools.
I mentioned how I got into Odysseys site under Becky's sons name. I did this to check on his progress, and to help him with one of his classes.
My friend mentioned he had gotten into his daughter's site using her account number (with no password).
That sounded fishy, so I asked for one of his statements.
The statement looked like it was done by a beginner in Microsoft Office Word.
He had been sending his $175 checks every month to a school call "The Learning Source".
- True, they are a business in Clark County.
- True, they will take your check.
- And True, they're credits transfer to nowhere.
In other words, his daughter, who should be in the 11th grade, has not started the 9th grade yet!
We went to the location listed on the business was vacant.
We went to another location listed on the was a PO BOX.
The girl at the Post Office Box place, said a lady came in once a month to pick up her checks.
What I'd like to say is, one of Becky's daughters attended a home school in Los Angeles, and she is still, technically a 9th grader, simply because, the school wasn't a school at all. It was business with no accreditation.
In other words, the chances for Becky's daughter to be successful, had been ruined early in life.
Don't waste your child's academic life!
Take 10 minutes out of your life to get a REAL reference from another school, about the school you want to enroll your child in. YOU MIGHT JUST BE SURPRISED!!!
As a note, when I went to CCSC in 1982
I found out credits from the community college would be cut in half if I had them transferred to UNLV.
However, if I transferred them to UCLA, and then to UNLV, they would not be cut.
Politics seems to be problem in the educational systems.