Paying it Forward
Paying it Forward. While outside at Red Lobster, I overheard a man talking on the phone, saying he was doing the best he could on $1,500 a month. Later, inside, he and his family sat across from us. He had 3 adorable children dressed up in Halloween garb, a wife and a baby in a high chair. The baby almost fell off his high chair and the man lurched to grab the baby. He looked traumatized.
Good people. Nice family.
SOOooo, while paying my bill, I told the waiter to put his bill on my card, but don't let him know until after we left. I have so much. It didn't hurt me one bit to share and paying my fortunes forward feels good. I owe where I'm at to my friends.
Friday, November 1, 2013 3:10:32 AM, From: jim, To: Stories