What will survive?
I've read stories about how GM, Ford and Chrysler may fold.
I've read stories about how its inevitable that China and the US will be at war over oil.
I've read that half the population of the world needs to be eliminated.
And as I live today, a person who I work with will be replaced by someone from India.
I'm not saying its right or wrong. I'm just saying changes are happening all around us.
And I wonder, where we'll be in 5 years.
I suppose what really matters is, that we continue to do our best at what ever we do.
The American spirit isn't built on stock prices or credit worthiness.
It's built on pride. We can do better than any one else, if our country will lets us.
We are bordered by friendly countries. We are protected by our military might.
Our religious freedoms hasn't killed our country. It has made it a haven for religious freedom.
But I fear, that within the next two decades, those freedoms will die.
Other freedoms will arise as time goes on, but this may be a rocky couple of decades.
Don't expect for things to be like they were. Prepare for change.
We're going through a revolution of sorts.
Good or bad, I believe eventually it will work out for the good.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 9:36:24 PM, From: jim, To: Stories