Why did Mgm buy the Mirage?
I'm haven't read up on many things.
There's too much information out there, and so much that is not out there.
For example, I don't know why Mgm bought the Mirage, but I'd guess, it would be to merge management, eliminate competition and cut jobs.
I assume that. I didn't read it in the newspapers.
Wouldn't these be terrible headlines? 
- "X buys Y, increases profits by firing 40% of the workers.
  Management applauded with healthy bonuses".
- "X Property Development increases profits by hiring illegal aliens"
- "X increases profits by outsourcing high tech jobs to India"

haha...seriously though,
These things we don't read, but we see it happening.
We know that is what is going on. I'd think these wonderful decisions have hurt U.S. citizens. For instance, I'd be willing to bet India's education systems are better than ours because of these decisions.
When's the last time you saw the words Made in USA
I realize, I haven't said anything about what to do to cure these problems. Certainly, squashing and strangling big corporations isn't the answer.
I don't have any answers, other than to support the good corporations with your purchasing dollars.
But I doubt that would work.
I need to put some more pretty pictures on here...lol
Thursday, November 6, 2008 6:05:44 AM, From: jim, To: Stories