What should the price of a home be?..
Shouldn't the price of a home be about twice the family's income. I always thought that was a good rule of thumb.
At least that way, the family has the option of paying it off. But when a family can borrow 10 times their income to buy a house, that seems crazy, doesn't it. So, how did that ever happen ? The loan people lost their minds...that's how. 
I think all of us who refinanced know why we did it.
We took advantage of the insane loan companies. For once in our lives, we could have money to play with.
Me, I took five years off. My neighors reinvested their refi money into their houses. I think thats great. What I should do, is buy all of their houses (after they default) for 1/4 of their loan's value, then  default on my house's mortgage.
One of my neighbor's refi'd his house.
It was valued at $250,000. He bought cars, fixed up his property, bought a new $15,000 air conditioner, then defaulted on his loan. A guy from San Francisco picked up the house for $75,000.
Now think about this...
If my neighbor could have defaulted on his loan, and could have bought his house back for $75,000, he could have afforded the mortgage payments. Wouldn't he be crazy if he didn't. But, unfortunately, he didn't have that option.
He had to go into foreclosure, and then someone else had to buy it.
Thursday, October 2, 2008 4:04:01 AM, From: jim, To: Stories