Lincoln City, Or
We drove up Oregon's highway 101 today.
The scenery is incredible.
Astoria was beautiful with its sky high river bridge and seaside ports.
Our route took us through Seaside, Cannon Beach, Rockaway Beach, Oceanside, Tillamook and finally Lincoln City.
I like driving through the clouds on the mountain sides overlooking the ocean. I still think Oregon's ocean shoreline is still the most beautiful area in the world. I would love to be able to live anywhere along this route. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!
Becky, as always, is entertaining.
- We passed a fishing archery (hatchery),
- She asked a tourist what our elevation was when we were parked by the ocean (the clouds were drifting around us).
- Also, she keeps saying we're in Eragon (as in the fantasy movie) instead of Oregon.
We stopped at a dock for lunch.
They sold us two crabs and a dozen oysters. These oysters were as big as my head, and I had to shuck them. A German tourist finally came over and shucked a few of my oysters for me. By the end, his hand was bleeding, and this guy was as strong as an ox (we had a lot of fun with this German couple). The whole dock was a blast though! We'd shuck our oysters, shell our crabs, and throw the shells over the side. I've got to admit though, if I had a 22 pistol, I could have shucked those oysters a lot faster. 
Being exhausted from driving over 40 hours in the last week,
We decided to stay the night at the Chinook Winds Hotel and Casino. The Mustang was a good choice for this trip. You can't beat the open air feeling while having its convertable top down.
If we took the quickest way back to Vegas, we are still 18 hours away from home.
If I get this contract tommorrow, that's how we'll be headed back, and I'll probably just drive straight through.
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