Thoughts-Everything is not working out as planned
But then again, it NEVER does.
Thats the thing. Waves crashing into the shore, wind blows the roof off, the toilet decides not to flush any more.
We've never been in control.
Its all just an illusion. If something were to come by earth and were to shift the atmosphere just a few miles, we'd die in 5 minutes.
All good things go bad.
Its hard to see, but all bad things go good too. It all works out, and it all works out better. Any change is good. 
If something did shift the atomsphere a few miles, and the next form of life did have bigger lungs (or smaller), then it would all be okay.
What is trying to be in control, is something all around us.
Its small. Its as brutal. It is beautiful. It is designed to take whatever is around it and consume it. Its byproduct feeds other things that are created just like it. In other words, plants eat dirt, and we eat plants. We have the same nature.
Its brutal. It is beautiful. It is simple.
The most important goal in life for any person should have been
Living longer. That should have been apparent when we are kids. Money, luxury, they are all worthless if you are only here 80 years. Our goal, for the next century should be, life extension. We should be creating something that is better than something that is both brutal and beautiful. This entry is -1m.
Wednesday, January 23, 2008 4:44:43 AM, From: jim, To: Stories