Is Jimmy partying this weekend?
You partying again this weekend, over the completion of another work week?
Had the bandage and stitches removed this past Wednesday afternoon.
Turns out he cut me four times.

Two small incisions on the front of the should, and one small one on the back of the shoulder.
Plus one HUGE incision on the front of the shoulder, right at the top of the arm.
I start Physical Therapy Monday morning. Twice a week, for six weeks.
I hope I get a young, attractive female therapist. Dirty minded me!!!

I heard a little bit more this week about you and IDX.
I heard you are taking the place by storm. And I don't mean by snow, ice and rain!!
Howl, grawl and bark!!! As well as a few well placed licks...
Saturday, January 26, 2008 9:25:11 AM, From: sae, To: Stories