Had tacos at Renees
Then we watched the Transformers.
I wish my truck could drive to the store, turn into a robot, and buy milk and eggs for me.
I can't even let go of the steering wheel without it shooting off into the desert.
Good Eats. Great Food. Good People!
Later, everyone went to the Ross Clothing store. 
I'm not sure what kind of clothes, shoes, and miscellanious items Ross sells. It looked like some of their shoes were prescuffed. But me, I could care less if my jeans are used (its not like buying a toothbrush). If the jeans look good, they're in my basket. Who knows, maybe B Pitt previously owned them. I doubt if he was ever size XXXXL though from eating too many tacos though.
I'm still pen shy about writing my notes in here.
You never know when someone is going to take your pen and stab you in the eyeball with it (sick humour, I know). That hasn't happened much, if at all, since I started this site years ago. However, sometimes the things I write in here find their way to the New York Times headlines, which is bizarre.
I'm about as original as bottled water.
Even my dreams are copied and pasted.
When I published LVDude and googled it, I got 'did you mean love dud?'
That clued me in that I wasn't going to be a MySpace.com. I still get nothing when I google the entries in here.
So, how do hackers and evil bots find this site? hmmm.
I wonder how long it takes to ping to
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