Kentucky Towers Days
Great people, great times! I'm in a place thats like no other.
These aren't really good pictures,
but they capture the spirit of these people. Peter is on the left and he's like a magnet. He looks like he's shooting photons out of his head...haha.
We hang out in front a lot. 
We greet the people coming in and out.
They always have smiles.
In the middle is Susan.
Together, Peter and her have complimentary personalities. 
All three have been here for quite some time. There's a chemistry between these people. They do skits, speeches, and they talk about life.  
Preacher Scott stands here, arms all folded, but pictures decieve the perception. He's hilarious!
Peter is taking a job in Michigan, so these times mark the end of an era. The Kentucky Towers Trio is breaking up.

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