Its 7:30 am and it is still dark outside.
The sun is just now coming up.
I love this time of the morning.
I usually get up at 6 am to the chirping on my IPhone's alarm.
It's a quiet time.
I usually have time to write a program, play with some pictures or check out the lastest hackers to my website.
Its a great time to learn new things.
I've written a VB graphics program thats wonderful.
It allows you to:
- Select files from windows folders using wild cards (like explorer should do).
- To drop to DOS in the folder your viewing (like explorer should do).
- To rename files using wild cards (like DOS's REN does).
- Put the modification date/time of files (pictures) in the beginning of the file name.
- Thumbnails graphics in mass.
- Creates an html file that enables you to view graphics, watch movies or listen to the sound recordings in the file.
I take a lot of pictures, and file names like IMG_0001.JPG just won't do.
In two clicks and a little typing, the files can be named 20071020-100000-CherokeePark.JPG
Thats pretty cool when you have just downloaded 100's of pictures!
I know programming, but I don't know how to market with a small budget, and thats such a shame.
This is my last week at work.
It would be so nice if they'd just tell me to take off with my last weeks pay.
So far, thats never happened to me.
There's not a lot to do where I work, so this may be a very boring week.
*** yawners ***
Well, guess I gotta go take a shower.
HAGD yall.
Monday, October 22, 2007 7:29:21 AM, From: jim, To: Stories