Nashville Accident

We were in the left hand lane,
travelling south on 7th or 8th street, near the stop light at Union.
A red truck was in front of us. A bus and a limo were stopped in the right lane. The red pickup truck looked like it was having a hard time getting around the bus.We saw a man hop out of the red truck, run in front of our truck and into the path the oncoming Toyota SUV.
He looked for oncoming traffic only after he was in the lane.
The SUV hit him pretty hard, and he was thrown about 40'.
I hopped out and called 911. 
The impact was strong enough to knock everything out of man's pockets.
The ambulance and police showed up after about ten minutes.
I gave my statement, consolled the driver.
I gave my contact info to the police and driver.
The driver of the Toyota SUV was in terrible shape.
Her emotions might be shredded for weeks.
She called her boss and someone called her lawyer.
The fellow that got hit, had incredible reactions!
For a guy that wasn't paying attentioned, he did well.
As the Toyota hit him, he put his hands out,
then maintained a perfect skid on his back.
He may have gotten lucky with just a nasty bruise,
but he was conscious, and screaming in pain.
The people that also saw the accident:
- Two pedestrians from Memphis,
- Some lady from India who was screaming and crying. No one knows why she was so emotional. We thought maybe she was involved somehow.
- The convenience store manager said he saw it too. He thought the girl was speeding. I wanted to tell him to just Shut Up !!!
There was nothing the girl could have done.
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