Ate with Peter, Susan and the gang
We went to, you guessed it, TGIFs!
Its nice to have everything within walking distance.
Its also nice to talk to people that you have things in common with too.
Like Peter, taking a contract, and it lasting one week. The computer was still on the pallets.
Like me, taking a contract, and not even having a PC set up.
And this other guy, who started, but has nothing to do at all, but wait, and read.
I used to think it would be great to get paid the big bucks for doing nothing, but it feels awkward.
Its feels odd, being a disposable worker.
We know that some day, we'll come in and our security cards won't work, and we'll be gone.
I've heard it so many times:
You'll get fired for walking into the secretary's office when she's not there,
or tweaking a program from the web and not removing the authors name,
or using the phone for personal business
or letting a former employee in.
Maybe Peter's right to get out of the trade.
Susan would like to see us all do something new and rewarding.
Its nice to sit back and shake out new ideas.
Nothing earth shattering has come up yet.
It will though. It always does. And it won't be something any of us would expect.
I have lots of faith in the belief that Everything always works out for the best.
Lots of failures don't matter if you succeed.
After all the 10,000+ failures, the light bulb was created from only 1 success.
wow...what am doing up and why are you reading this...bwaahaahaaha
Thursday, September 27, 2007 3:10:24 AM, From: jim, To: Stories