The Brown Hotel
They are known for their Hot Brown creation.
A hot brown is an open face turkey sandwich with cheese sauce and bacon.
We tried it! We liked it!
The Browns Hotel is very old. Its in what looks like a rough area, but the hotel is exquisit.
The hotel is very elegant. Its a must see in Louisville.
Old man Brown is said to haunt the place, with apparitions and strange occurances.
We learned about Al Capone's lost tunnels to the river. It is rumoured they used to hide out in them and play poker.
It was quite a walk to get there.
On the way, we ran into a bum who said he was born in the 17th century. He wanted $2 to buy a beer for his mom.
We ran into two more bums that were just as crazy.
We also saw a cop car, speeding 30 mph in reverse, looking for a place to turn around.
Another cop car was trailing him.
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