Sunday is never just another day.
Got up this morning, and it was raining. Stopped by the local Starbucks to grab some joe, and took this pic.

Lusting for the IPhone, as I have been, we swung up to the St Mathews mall to check it out. My contracts not up with Verizon until Tuesday, so the waiting is really RUFF!
We left the Mall, decided to go right instead of left, and ended up in Middletown, KY. They had Blue Grass bands playing in the park.

We struck up a friendly conversation with a couple of people there. This guy had stories to tell for days. And he'd heard of Julian Carrol...I was surprised! My old neighbor in Paducah had made it all the way up to Governor of Kentucky. (I still owe him a quarter).
Before you'd know it, I was shaking hands with Byron Chapmon. He told us to come back October 7th, for the next concert. It was going to be made up of Church Choirs. I should add, not everybody there was happy

But this guy was ready to say HOWDY!
Sunday, September 16, 2007 7:52:21 PM, From: jim, To: Stories