Becky boldly went out on the town
And put in an application for a parking lot attendant.
Who would ever guess, they'd give a MATH test.
And why?
It could be, that sitting in somewhere in a parking lot booth,
there's an 'idiot savant; calculating the size of the universe?
They asked her questions like:
"If a person parks at 10:32 am, and leaves at 2:17 pm the next day, how many minutes did they park".
Anyway, she's terrible at math, and I don't think anyone is good subtracting time.
They didn't even her an interview.
But she passed her background test, rode the transit system, knows the town better, and her spirits are high.
We were both in the dumps, so we hit the road to Cincinnati!
On the way back, we stopped by General Butler State Park.
They offer cabins in the mountains, next to a lake. They have mini golf, a pool, and daily hikes/activities for their guest. Tommorrows activity is a hike using a tobacco stick...hmmm.
We saw two fawns, and a racoon.
Wednesday, August 8, 2007 7:23:09 AM, From: Jim, To: Stories