They should have built Las Vegas in Louisville

They should have built Las Vegas here, instead of in the middle of a desert!
Its beautiful out here. The days are hot and muggy, however, the nights are cool and very pleasant.
And my breathing problems have all but gone away, so its actually therapeutic out here.
It would be hard to come back to Vegas to live now.
I'd forgotten how beautiful this country, and its people can be.
I've heard one horn honk out here, and it was for a good reason.
I put my blinkers on to switch lanes, and people let me in. Wow!
One of my test to see how people are in different areas of the country
has been to ask strangers for directions.
People here, actually stop, look you in the eyes and try to give you their best answer.
They seem less self absorbed than Vegans.
This would be a great place to chant a mantra! Lol.
Speaking of spirituality….
Wouldn't you know, my Be Quick notary/courier business took off like a rocket, right after I agreed to this consulting contract. I also had problems with my tenants and my condo's association too right before I moved. The logical solution was to sell my condo.
I felt like something was pushing me into coming out here, for some reason.
Ever feel like that? Like you are being controlled?
For years now, I've felt that I couldn't retire yet…
that there was something else I had to do first.
I felt that I'd be led to a task. I believe that's whats happenng.
Lately, its a voice has been SCREAMING at me, telling me what to do.
(Move to Louisville and sell your property)
Its like 'the voice' that hits us all when we reach puberty.
It comes to us in dreams. It tells us what to do and how to do it, and it requests action.
For some reason, I'm blessed by being able to remember almost all of my dreams.
For a long time, I have had no doubt that 'that voice' in my dreams has been telling me what to do, and how to do it.
I wish that voice would become even louder.
I hope in death, 'that voice' will show me its face.
If it does, I know it will be beautiful.
Well, that voice is telling me to eat now.
It's 5am, I'm hungry, and all I have to eat is some old shoes.
I wonder how long I'll have to boil them before they can become breakfast.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007 5:24:07 AM, From: Jim, To: Stories