Love my new job! It doesn’t get any better.
Its nice to know Kevin McD works remotely there from Las Vegas. Maybe I could do that someday too!
I think he's responsible for the ATM's on the west coast. I hear his name everywhere now.
I'm in development (my forte).
I don't have a PC set up, so I'm using someone's elses while their on vacation.
My first rogram was a report/update program today, and I had to write it from scratchhhhhhhhh!
The program they gave me as a starter was dated 1998, and it wouldn't compile.
My first project was fix a database table.
The challenge was, to make it look like another table, and to fix its a column to point to existing files on a different system.
The files were all moved around to different subvolumes, so I had to search the system for each of the 300 files. 
These files are used to load some devices with tables and code (I think).
So, without them being right, nothing works.
They gave me the lattitude to do the project anyway I wished.
I guess the project had been passed around.
So, my first project involved writing a fix it report/update program using Cobol, Sql, Enscribe, and lots of Tacl.
I already have the best macros around there.
But...I had to write them from memory, so they could be much better.
I put my old macros are on the internet in my blog, but I don't have internet access yet.
Everybody at work is great!
Their attitudes are excellent. They're eager to see anything I produce.
And I'm their guinee pig, I'm told. I'll be leading the way for others to follow.
The system I'll be reviving has been dead for a year, and they really want too see it work.
So, I'll pretty much have free reign, with project nudges here and there.
Most say its a mess. Its not documented, and nobody there knows it.
There's going to be a lot of recognition in what I'm doing, and its going to be very visible.
So, this job is a perfect fit for me.
Its what I do best. I do systems.
Its hard to explain to people who haven't had sole responsibility for every program in an entire system.
Most programmers work on one or two programs at a time. I've worked whole systems for most of my career.
I tend to do whatever is needed to make a system work.
This is quite a break for me. I love this kind of work. Its a perfect match!
I should go far in this place.
Tuesday, June 26, 2007 11:21:27 PM, From: Jim, To: Stories