Okay Jim - from Sonny
I think I see how to use this . Jim I am scheduled to see Grady at the same Starbucks you and I went to . I got your message that you want to close the deal with Mr. Hic. (Hispanic for short) but you are not too keen on the deal itself.  I don't understand the mechanics of real estate very well but I believe that Mr. Hic is going to have to put forth some kind of money in order to secure a purchase of the condo. Oh well! I know that you do understand the mechanics and I will go ahead and sign the papers as you , according to Grady have already done. It is now eight seventeen Las vegas Time. Have a good day Jim and Becky. Squirt says Baaaarkkk! (Short for I miss you!)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 8:10:38 AM, From: sonny, To: Stories