Got my orientation. Discovered Indiana!
The freeways here take some getting used to.
Their off ramps split into other off ramps.
Picked up a camp table at Sam's Club
Its really cool. Its all metal, totally adjustable, and almost fits in your pocket. Its perfect for two laptops.
Went to Ajilon for my Orientation.
Those guys are pretty great. Actually, everybody in Louisville is great!
It took 2 hours, but I managed to get a T-Shirt from them. :0)
Ate at a buffet today.
$5.95 per person. They had shrimp, Chinese food, and deserts. What a great deal!
Went to Caesars Indiana tonight.
It took a while to find, since we just barely knew the directions to it.
It looks just like Caesars Palace in Las Vegas used to look 10 years ago.

The Forum Shops are similar to Vegas
Much tinier. They have $22 lobster buffet.

Its amazing how many factories are around Louisville.
Across the river from Louisville is where our Crest comes

Thursday, June 21, 2007 3:08:09 AM, From: jim, To: Stories