Canceled my Extended Stay reservation again
Ajilon is verifying my BOA employment now. That was 18 years
They're overnighting a 3 part Quest Drug Test Form to me.
I should get it tomorrow.
I have no idea what they are going to ask on it, and how much they are going to critique what I say.
I've never been tested for drugs before.
Ajilon's relocation specialist called.
They wanted to know when I'll be in Louisville.
I didn't know what to tell them.

   I'm just rolling with the flow    

I'm always going to wonder if Be Quick would have flown.
We've been passing up at least 3 calls a day.
I feel like I'm betting on a Roulette table
Only on table both Red and Black always win, and I have to choose the best winner.
The color I don't pick, will probably never be an option again.
I'm basing the choices on which opportunity has the best foundation to build on.
1) Bank of America/ Ajilon
- Is a solid company
- I can get health insurance through them, and even have a 401K plan.
- Will start out at over $100k
- Requires full time hours.
- I can build a reputation through them, and possibly get contracts for years to come, any place in the country.
2) Be Quick
- Is not solid
- I could be building a reputation for it right now, but instead, I'm ruining it.
- Pays around $10k as it exists right now
- Requires only part time hours.
- If the system went country wide, could pay $100+k.
Its a tough call.
*** The best idea would be to get both of them working for me
But, that's going to be difficult to do in Louisville with a full time job.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 1:04:12 PM, From: jim, To: Stories