The association is threatening everyone
The condos lost their street parking to a bike lane several years ago. Its really too bad that happened.
They wrote a letter saying condo owners that visitors have to park 3 football fields away (on San Rafael or Mill Valley).
They're preparing to fine violators $100 fines.
So if someone parks behind your garage, they fine YOU, not them.
Because of them, we're selling the condo and taking our profits.
They've yelled at me about what liars and pig the tenants are.
They've yelled at me about what a lousy landlord and businessman I am.
They even said the condos are selling for $140,000 because of the wonderful things they did.
The condo's have doubled in value, because all Las Vegas real estate has doubled.
They're dues are higher than what I paid in Summerlin, and they don't even have security contracted.
The association doesn't have to keep their promises.
They started to put up visitor parking 8 months ago. They cut down a tree. They marked the pad.
Here's the deal - There are over 130 condos in the association.
They each pay $100 a month. Thats $13,000 a month they get paid for mowing the grass, and keeping common lights on.
Click here for their CCRs.
Since we've bought the condo in 1978, they've cut down our tree and removed the shrubs in front of the condo.
We haven't seen the benefits from their maintenance of the grounds.
The bottom line is, don't get involved with associations.
Its can turn into a good deal gone bad.
- They can arbitrarily create the own rules.
- They can tell you what you can do behind inside your house and your garage.
- They can issue fines and they can raise your dues.
- They can even sell your property if you don't pay them.
- AND, they can pick on only you. They don't have to be fair.
Sunday, June 3, 2007 8:32:26 AM, From: Jim, To: Stories