My Last Will
I am giving Sonny the properties and the truck. I'm giving Becky some money, and the car.
In the event, Sonny is not around, I would like Paul Spurling to be my executor, it should be extremely simple. 
If he declines, Becky will be my executor.
I would like for my body to be donated to science. I do not want to be cremated. Thats would be a complete waste.
I have had several wills. This last one, of course will supercede them all. They are stored in my files under legal.
Time is running short for all of us.
I am not a doomsayer. But, we have had two world wars last century. Our weapons technology hopefully will never surpass our wisdom. However, waging war seems to be more of a business decision than a moral one to the powers that be. I would be surprised if civilization makes it through this century. It is a matter of time before some incredible bomb, bioweapon, or toxic substance is unleashed. The world has no shortage of stupidity.
I won't live to see it the end of this civilization..
At least, I hope not. My ex-wife, I would have thought , should have lived into her 70s. She's got months. I know my fuse is running short.
I know the technology for artificial lungs, and artificial bodies (body closets) was created in the 1950's.
The details should have been ironed out in 50 years. High school students should have been able to figure it out by now.
- If you supply the head with what it needs, it should live 100s of years. It has been done.
- If you bubble air through the blood, the blood will oxygenate. It has been done.
But for greed, power, or presevation of the endowed, we'll probably never know who has access to it, or if it even exist.
For whatever reason, preservation of life, any life, is not a priority to mankind. Life is easier to take than it is to preserve.
Monday, March 12, 2007 10:46:28 AM, From: jim, To: Stories