Nevada Briefs
Nevada foreclosures over 100,000 for the fifth month
See article. Personally, I own two houses here.
I recently talked to a condo owner who lives near one of them. He said he bought his 3 bedroom condo for $80,000 in 2004. It is now worth $160,000. Like most of the people here, he has refinanced and pulled cash out. If he had only $20,000 into his condo (with payments), that would represent a two year gain of over 400%.
I would think the foreclosures would hurt the loan companies, then the banks, and eventually the US Treasury. I would think the interest rates would go up. But who knows, things often work out the opposite way of how you'd expect to.
On the flip side, luxury houses are going for a mint! A luxury condo at the Turnberry Towers goes for $2,000 a square foot. Most houses go for $20 a square foot.
Child Welfare gets bad an "F".
See article. No surprise there. I've heard the best thing to do, if you need social assistance, is to move to California.
Nevada Educational funding gets an "F".
See Article. No surprise there. Talking to kids these days, they seem to know very little about our Greek and Roman heritage. They're understanding of geograpy is weak. It seems that even with D's and F's, these kids pass the grade. I still find it hard to accept that playing a computer game is considered Physical Education.
Nevada stem cell research is happening.
See article. I was curious about why research was so contraversial so I read up on it. The stem cells can take on the attributes of any cell in the body (IE: liver cells, or in my case, a new brain), but with current technology, extracting them kills an embryo without dignity. Normally, the embroyos would be wasted if not fertilized. See wikipedia.
Nevada Methamphetimine use called Epidemic
See article. No surprise here. I often drive down the road and see people waving their hands and talking to themselves. Sometimes they walk erratic and fast.
This is why I don't read the news much. Its depressing.
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