Lu:Lu:Mr Short was asking...
I followed the link.  Thought It might lose me it was moving at such a frenzied but groovy pace.  Ended up here.
What feedback? At the payment window I entered some funny credit card number without selecting payment
type, like usd or card icon.  It didnt care.  Took me to the next window.  There was a broken image.
Did this on explorer.  Not my comp.  I use Mozilla.  Im a user.  And a snot.  You probably know this dont you.
DONT YOU?  You and your high falutin cronies.  Good job on it though, Auto complete, auto zip detect, aparently you
have math in your pocket, very nice.  No lines or cursors for some fields and lines under others.  I can backkey and forward thru stuff I entered long after the fact and its still there, even after googling in the same window and rewinding
(after the payment window!).  Something I wish like freagin wonderland you had going for the logs. [because] I had  the most
awesomely smoking response to the "MLK whos that guy" log entry.  Seriously, it was beautiful, like I was channeling
a hybrid of Nelson Mandelas soul and James Woods balls, I was gonna smoke that comment.  Alas, I tried in vain to
bring it back to life after looking up wether Martin Luther King actually walked from Selma to DC (800 miles!) accidentally
from not another tab, and .. it just wasnt the same.  The freak was all I could channel of spirit, every sentence just missed some little kibble of metre, dammit all to hell was my evenings name then.  Anyhoo.  I dont really need the small catapult.
Ps. there is triple scrolling happening here.  two scrollbars, outermost one scrolls a shmeensy percent of the content, up arrow saves the day.  Peace baby.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 11:38:01 AM, From: warren, To: Stories