.The Iraq war, Bush, and his buddies.
Did someone say disturb?? Someone say ugly head? Guess thats my cue. For all they have seen and done in deed, "it must be horrible".  The news on the wankertube should be reformatted in three layers.  First the news, keep the sounds and oratory media.
  1st superimposition, CSI like hyperbolic pornography.  The kind of stuff that tailors itself to fantasies involving solving murders and keeping consumers together when trauma takes ahold in some unfortunate demonstration of tissues force and physics.
This sets the tone for alerting the viewer that interest and fantasy is now licensed(thus possibly connecting with a baseindex of meanings from outside the actual box of the hour(program)).
'because we care about YOU' Thats a real message solicited across the broadcast interface. (TV)..
Second superimposition.
THE media REAL detectives, police EMTs and medical triage peepz must sort through every second of the day.  mainly the gruesome cacophany of images taken for evidence in repugnant flash lighting. If you like text there are reports to be read then. Adjoin a sparse but breathtaking clause of  THE scenery. things WE are familiar with, that usually offer the inheritance of their usual safe, usefull ordinary meanings, (this is a wall, that is a mailbox, this is a refridgerator, thats a bustop,hey look children playing in a park!).  Now you have the news. 
Hmm, clean desert clad 'workers' kicking in a slightly dusty door for the nteenth instance and reviewed? Following an APC exposing security enhanced bodylanguages, ...
Nope, just keep the dumbed down audible headlines and cirkle-reasoned headline qualifying agents, (gotta keep something to let us knoiw its the news right?),,,,
Add the fantasy liscencing agent, and then please dont close your eyes cuz you need to know what youre recompositing with the fantasy licsencing agent along with the ordinary scenery clause into the news,ok now add those two last little darlings so that YOU, who WE care about, like ..oh my GAWD, all the time -- DUHH !!! can actually get the news, and then, i dunno, pop an asperin or something.
Thats the world of these poor people from under one umbrella of hate to under a several of others is like. 
And then read some antiquated irrelevant humoring bits of stuff copied of John Quincy Adams in his feverd rush to rise to his occasion something something um experiment in democracy .. yeah yeah yeah and TRY like hell to keep an even brow when someone tells you in so many unspoken terms of preemptive censorship that{"if we werent there" As If {(the official infinitive state of the term 'there' is whatever an ends justifying a means will suffer;) evidence of children torn apart and wailing parents is ok}}. Im done.  Im too pissed now to be of any use. Tvee news should be experienced in three layers minus the heart though, if we are as interested as our habits suggest. sorry eh. There is always a simpler way, what use this is escapes me.
If anyone has any better and distanced perspective please share, my myopia is summoned me into a trite fairweather gadfly.
yuck!!! ooh, theres what I was hoping for "Please enjoy your visit to LVDude." ok, next time then.  can I still have that beer??
Wednesday, January 10, 2007 6:29:59 PM, From: warren, To: Stories