A Cutlar Started The Pig War
Lyman Cutlar was a farmer in San Juan, an island near Washington, and Vancover.
During that time, the English and British were at odds of the rights to land.
In 1959, San Juan only had 18 American colonist.
Cutlar caught a pig eating his tubors (potatoes), and shot it.
The pig was owned by a sheep herder who worked for the Hudson Bay Company.
The two, who had gotten along before the incident, got in a dispute, one yelling "Keep you pigs out of my potatoes",
the other yelling, "Keep your potatoes out of my pigs". The British threatened to arrest Cutlar.
The colonist petitioned the US for aid and the situation esculated.
Things started getting CrAzY
Next thing you know, 514 Americans with 14 cannons opposed five British warships, with 70 guns, and 2,140 men.
It was known as the Pig War. It didn't happen though, thanks to President Buchanan's intervention.

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