Gibbons for Nevada Governor.

I didn't even know they could run!
Another election year.
Another year of representives bashing other representives.
They seem like children fighting over a toy.
Why do these political commercials intermesh with my otherwise pleasant TV time?
Me, I don't vote for anyone who spreads hate or negativity. 
The problem is, there's so much of that.

Me, I'm still upset about the Bush/Gore election.
As I understand the news, some votes got lost in the swing state of Florida, which happened to have Jeb Bush as governor
and Gore lost the election even though he had the popular vote.
But I'm not making this up...according to the The 2000 Presidential Election by Wikipidia
Main articles: Florida Central Voter File and Florida election recount
Some observers have questioned whether he or Secretary of State Katherine Harris attempted to help his brother in the 2000 presidential election by tampering with the voter rolls and then certifying a controversial election, though there is little evidence to back this. Questions have been raised about Bush's involvement in the notorious "Florida Felons List" affair in which primarily black and Democratic voters who were not in fact felons erroneously were listed as ineligible to vote. Bush ignored at least one direct warning from a state computer expert that the list was flawed and should not be used. [13] Questions were also raised about the conduct of the vote count itself, which was chaotic at best--- although it should be pointed out that there were Democrats who arguably contributed to the confusion as well

While your voting, ponder this from:
Some of the worst news possible for the security of U.S. elections came a year ago, and somehow I missed it. In March 2005, Smartmatic, a company based in Venezuela, purchased Sequoia Voting Systems, a company which makes electronic voting equipment.
What's the big deal?
Sequoia's systems are just as insecure as Diebold's, with irregularities being reported this week in Pittsburgh and Chicago. And the parent company, Smartmatic, whose machines were used in Venezuela's 2004 recall election, still refuses to answer questions over the results of that election.

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