what is family and what is love
To me family is a group of people that take care of eachother,  are there for eachother, that love eachother.. That is what family is. Well I have not had the greatest thing in family since i was alittle kid always moving in group homes, foster homes, shelters, and even Jail. But that is not the reason why I am writing this letter I am writing this cause i heard poeple hare wondering why I dont talk or invite my self over or visit anymore. Well here are my reasons... When we got to Grandmas place everybody is off in there own little world staying in eachothers rooms nobody visiting eachother or hanging like a family should. It would be a lot better if people actually visited eachother oh and another thing family outings like b-days and family fun Joy and I are not invited why is that why werent we told about it? And when we ask for a little help for something or want somthing we get charged for it or somthing happens that i said negative torwards somebody or something and it gets talked about it over and over, It need to be let go tell the person your talking about not to someone else. why gossip? Oh and when we go visit we mostly here a lot of complaing about eachother and then my lady comes home al;l upset telling me about everythign that was said or happend and she is upset and makes me upset cause most of it is about us why?? well i dont need that anymore. to me this is not a family. this is why i strive every day to show her a real family and what its liek to be close and do things together I dont want my kid to grow up like i did I am not going to kick her on the streets at 15 and 16 no matter what there is always otehr options in life and you only have one so live it the bst you can and hope your kid does better. to me thats what life and family is about we love we care we are close to eachother.. I have been sitting back getting a feel testing waters and looking at my family and know that i have i see how they are it is all jacked up to me i dont consider it a family to me this is the reason why i have become quite and I choose not to visit cause its not soemthing i need in my life it brings me down and I do not need that. I have chosen to remove my self from everybody and i plan to stay that way for a while i dont want any part in this family for a while i cant stand it and i have been upset about it for a while and i am through.. Joy will prob still talk or do whatever but i am out i am tired of it i dotn want it and cant take it anymore this is not a family in fact i dotn think i have yet to have a real family that i could get along with and trust and be there for without all the comotion.. but i will still love everyone and everybidy because i am part of you guys still but i dont like what we are i mean we need to take care of eachther there isnt much of us left theres only 6 of us int he spurling family left think abotu that compared to other families we dont know other cousins or brothers or sisters we jsut have our sleves and we need to be there for eachother and have good times not fighting arguing complaining about someone or something. family is for eachother lvoe eachother but this family i see here is full of hate or still mad at things and cant let them go and its not good.. so for know i draw myt self away for a while when i am ready and i feel i am then i will talk but for know i love you all much but i dont want to be a part of this anymore      
Friday, October 27, 2006 4:28:16 AM, From: robert, To: Stories