PIcked the kids up....
Went all over the Sunrise mountains, in the rocks and up the hills.
Most of the way up the mountain, I pulled over to get out to enjoy the view.
Dustin was going to hang in the car, toying with his gameboy.
At that time, I told him it would be fine with everyone if hung out of at Roberts.
He said he was shutting the game down.
We went to a new Sunrise Park.
Great View!
Played around the raging Las Vegas Wash.
I tested the 97 Mustang on the rocks for skidding and the emergency breaks.
Becky went nuts! She kept freaking out!
I told her, if she couldn't handle a skid, she should never drive a car.
And the only way to know a car is by practicing in it. The back tires are light, so traction is bad.
Went down the Strip.
We toured the Forum Shops and saw all the shows.
At one point, Dustin, trying to get attention, pushed me and I pulled him, so he fell, thus causing a scene.
I told him, don't push, poke or hit people. Treat people right or expect to get hurt.
Finally we, go back home at 11pm.
Jennifer says she lost her overnight bag when we got home.
If it weren't for all of the bickering, it would have been fun.
The capper was the last few minutes driving. I was stopped a left hand turn light.
Becky made a noise. I thought she said GO, that the light had changed.
I said Becky! She said she didn't say anything, then Jennifer jumped right in to say Becky didn't say anything.
I said, Becky did said something, I know what I heard, you can't tell me otherwise. 
That was very annoying.
I'm tired.

Saturday, October 7, 2006 10:55:26 PM, From: Jim, To: Stories