Does this mean I can now set my autodailer to call Robert's Cell Phone three times an hour for all eternity?

Glad you are finally ready to get that Notary business off the ground. HOWL..... But I still think it should be called "Squirty's Notary".

It'll be much better driving all around town in that Mustard Car. Is it red like in the picture?

Well, I pick up the keys for the new apartment tomorrow. Have to turn in the keys on the existing one on Saturday. They are charging me $425 to fix a spot where the paint was scraped off the wall in what was your bedroom, by the bathroom door.

The new apartment is on the second floor over in the building across the way, where that "Sheila" (british term for "woman") saw you playing nudy...

Mr. Short is coming over Saturday morning to help me move. Between tomorrow evening and Saturday morning when the big pieces are being moved, I am making what will probably be a dozen or so trips with smaller items.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006 2:14:47 PM, From: sae, To: Stories