Our desires seem so simple
Our desires center around our need to procreate.
We want young women because they are best suited to carry our offspring.
There's nothing wrong with that, its nature's way.
Males seek mates with what they consider healthiest characteristics.
Women with less attractive characteristics mate with men of the same like.
Men with less attractive characteristics tend to force women to mate that have healthier characteristics.
These are natures techniques for genetically mutating a species.
No psychiatrist or geneticist could deny that our desires are programmed through instinct.
Apparently, nature likes to throw the dice. It can take generations to make dramatic changes in a species.
Its hard to understand why people deny their own nature. I suppose it has a lot to do comfort levels.
It was nice to hear someone say what I've always thought about religion
Last night, someone on TV said, "This person brainwashed her child into believing generations of lies, all while telling her she did it because she loved her".
Tuesday, April 18, 2006 6:59:51 AM, From: Jim, To: Stories