Kyle Canyon Lodge
For our Monday Night eat out, we went to the Kyle Canyon Lodge. It had changed quite a lot on the inside. The lodge's management must have decided to convert its cozy environment into high class dining. What a bad idea.
The warm, friendly feeling of walking into the lounge and seeing people cozying up to the fire place had been replaced by a tacky outdoor style atrium with a sign saying "Please wait to be seated".
The lounge chairs had been replaced with small café style tables covered with cloth. It was all restaurant, but you could still sit at the small bar and enjoy a smoke and a drink, all while playing video poker next to your non smoking table. That, to me, just seemed retarded.
Sonny, Becky and I sat a six top, ordered our drinks and checked out the menu. It was VERY PRICEY. We left before the waitress got back with our drinks.
Mt Charleston Hotel
Still hungry, we went a couple of miles down the mountain to the Mount Charleston Hotel. They've made some improvements! We were hoping to eat at their steak restaurant, but it's closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Too bad. The last I ate their, the restaurant had a lot of class, the prices were moderate, and the environment was excellent.
In its place, they offer food service in their lounge.
At the lounge, we were seated at a small table next to the fireplace. The chairs were plush leather and extremely comfortable. We ordered the the steak, trout and chicken dinners. The food was excellent, and the prices were modest. The average cost for a place was $20.
On the way out, I asked the front desk clerk how much the rooms were. She said $99 and up.
Monday, April 3, 2006 6:39:48 PM, From: Jim, To: Stories