We ate at Bransons Outback last night.
I don't think its affiliated with the franchised Outback though. It was a nice experience.
The food and lodging in Branson are extremely reasonable. I guess that's what makes this place work.
However, we ordered a prime rib and a steak. I also told them I wanted an oyster appetizer.
They delivered it in the same order we placed it. It was funny, getting the appetizer after finishing the meal.
Also, I had potato soup. The last thing we got, after finishing our meals was crackers...lol.
I still left a 15% tip, but I thought the service was very strange.
We ate downtown at the Branson Cafe.
$1.99 for egg, bacon and toast. It snowed a lot when we were there.
The restaurant was open 9am to 3pm. I thought that was strange. Most of the shops were closed anyway, due to it being the off season.
I would love to live and work in Branson Missouri.
They work 9 months out of the year then get laid off. Most of the work is entertainment related.
The cost of living here is very reasonable. Hotel rooms for $210 a week are available. And they're decent.

Sunday, February 12, 2006 8:40:05 AM, From: Jim, To: Stories