Branson, Missouri
Table Rock Lake in the OzarksHome to 6,000 locals, this town has over 7,200,000 visitors every year!!! Andy Williams, Ray Stevens, Glen Campbell have homes here. Neil Sedaka, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Regis Philbin, BB King, The Gatlin Brothers, and The Lennon Sisters are slated for on going shows. The lodging in Branson is extremely reasonable. It has 30 theatres with over 70 shows. This place is known as the "Live Music Entertainment Capitol of the World".
And I'm beginning to believe it!
The Ozarks
This land is renowned for its fall colors, lakes and mountainous country side.
The Ozarks is also home to the Wicca religion, which is a newer form of Paganism. The Pagan beliefs predate Christianity,  but had been deemed a "false religion" by Evangilistic Christians. They worship the male and female divinities, and the earth. They kind of sound like the Indians (who were called Pagans).
In the old days, without weapons of steel, how would you fight a powerful enemy?
My guess is, fear. You might use the knowledge you have to try to fend off powerful invaders. 
You might use magic and folklore.
If you knew a medicinal science, you might poison an enemy's water or food supply, then approach their camp and say you're casting a spell on them knowing they are about to get sick.
And you might tell them you have special powers.
Isn't that what almost all religions claim to have, special powers?
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