I’m going to miss Orlando

The things I thought were Excellent:
- Places: Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Pleasure Island, the Cruise, Epcot, Key West, downtown.
- Terrain: trees, rain, ocean, lizards, alligators, swamps. The plant live, animals and insects here are widely diverse. 
- People: Most are very laid back. Everybody seems to treat you like a friend.
- Food: There's a restaurant on every corner. The BBQ is actually smoked meat, not just sauce on brisket.
- Businesses: A thimble collector could have a lucrative shop here.
- Driving: No one honks their horn here. Drivers here don't pay attention to the road, but they are laid back.
The things that need improvement (sucked):

- The phone system. You may have to dial phone numbers four times to satisfy the phone system.
- The news is stupid. If what the news has said is true, justice doesn't work for poor people.
  Its very irrelevent. A truck driver snoozed, rear ended some people, and the news mentions he's a sex offender. Why?
  The news was showing weapons retrived from a gang at a park here. They were knives you can buy at a 7-11.
- The justice system: 
  A sober, poor immigrant landscaper hits a 4 year old who runs out into the street. He runs.
  They catch him and give him a public defender.
  The public defender pleads him guilty. He gets life in jail for hit and run. Why weren't the parents charged?
  Any immigrant who has an accident here will have to run. They will be afraid of American justice.
  His life was ruined by the parents who let their 4 year old run around unsupervised.
  He would have gotten charged with criminal negligence no matter what he did.
- The roads, street numbers and street names are a mess.
- Most of the lakes are accessable only if you own a house on the shoreline.

Saturday, January 28, 2006 9:52:50 AM, From: Jim, To: Stories