As much as I enjoyed last weekend, there were some
The condo was nice, but I felt like we were imposing somehow. It didn't feel right.
Plus my aunt wouldn't let us pay for anything. She insisted on paying for 2 lunches and a dinner.
It was hard to get her to smile. I was being my perky self, and Becky's always perky.
She like Becky a lot, but, I suppose all of the things she'd heard about me from my Dad and Kelly got in the way of things.
I bought her a Billy Bob Big Mouth Bass Plaque. She said her cats would like it.
She kept going on about how we were killing ourselves by smoking.
Both her and her husband had smoked. She still drinks a little. He died this year.
I kept saying that we all die from something when we get old. Old age is never listed as a cause of death.
She implied that I wanted to die. I just told her, no...I'm just not afraid of living.
Then we got on the thing about the medallion. She said her mom made a mistake by letting dad have it.
Then she said she was surprised Sonny let me take it out of his safety deposit box. My jaw dropped.

We openned the box and put it in there. It got stolen when I was documenting it. Someone broke a window to get into my house. I have a police report...sheesh!
When we talked about Kelly, I mentioned how Kelly could be dangerous.
She told everyone, including people I worked with that I dropped LSD and drove 24 hours her to Colorado Springs, which is stupid. I said, I had tried LSD, but that was long ago, and that Kelly mistook NoDose for drugs.
Kelly was badly mistaken.
My aunt got stuck on the LSD part. She asked why I did it and I said, everybody was doing it back then. She said, her kids and grand kids never did drugs, but her son might have smoked pot. I wanted to say, yea, right.
Then she got off on how poorly my Mom must have raised me.
How I must have gotten a lot of my traits from the Rogers.
I told her the Rogers were basically dull but very dependable people.
They'd get a job and work it all their lives, and they were very predictable.

I don't think Becky heard a lot of this because my aunt is such a low talker.
I doubt we'll be going back up there to visit any time soon.

Monday, October 31, 2005 7:51:19 AM, From: Jim, To: Stories