I love it!!!! That is SO COOL BECKY!!!
Wow. I just mentioned a couple of things of buggy things I found.
I'm actually afraid to mention any errors that I find anymore.
I showed someone an error that basically said "The Tandem Transaction System isn't working".
I mentioned that since it came from the Tandem and transaction processing is mostly what the Tandem does,
that it probably wouldn't ever be displayed, because the Tandem System would be down...DUH!!!
The response was "Nah, that could happen. If the server got too many transactions."
I wanted to say "Saddam Hussein could get the Nobel Peace Prize too."

This server processes one transaction, then dies, which in itself is queer.
But in this case, the 50 (not 3) lines of code used to display that crap causes this program to be spaghetti.
I asked Mikey if I should point anything out anymore, he said he gets an att-a-boy when he does at times.
I keep getting, naaah, we need that, or we shouldn't change that.
If I stayed here, I'd end up being SO depressed.
I'm depressed now.
Wednesday, October 26, 2005 5:36:38 PM, From: Jim, To: Stories