Now that my log is personal, I can finally say thi
Friends are people who offer you unconditional positive regard.
They don't take sides against you.
If they do, then they are not being your advocate, and they are not being your friend.
Good ol' Mikey told me today if I wanted to say somethings to try to improve M2 on my way out, not to expect anything.
I told him I wouldn't expect anything, I'd be leaving...but if there was some kind of suggestion I could make on my way out, let me know, and I'll voice it. That I'd like to do something good for the people at work.

Once again, Mikey said, sure, that's all well and fine, but don't expect anything.
And once again, I said, I don't expect anything. I'm leaving.
Then there's Jeff, saying he didn't have any trouble working on the progam I'm working on.
I didn't tell him I knew how many hours he put on the same program I'm working on.
He needed help keying in the input using the editor. I tried to help him, and finally let Mikey explain it to him.
As far as M2 goes, there is no team, and there was supposed to be.
I see a bunch of people who work together that don't communicate with each other.
The email to Phil about his coughing, sent by is enough to indicate that.
BTW - I like how Mikey backed up JoeSmith. That makes me think he did it.
But there is too much pressure and ambiguity for this simple application.
And I would have quit the first day, after I sized the place up. Phil knew I wanted to.Mikey didn't.
Now, all I want to do is leave. Honestly, when I said I resign on Friday, they should have let me go.
I will never understand this system because of how they are using it:
   They use params, not pathway, to control a server that has three different functions in it.
   Those three different functions having the same paragraph number in the program.
   The program has 10,000 lines of code in it.
   Documenting the program indicating each and every day a programmer worked on it...EG: * 103105 Continued
   Securing the DDL source (the heart of the file system) so no one can read it.
   Not documenting testing procedures, when thats 90% of what they do. 
   I've been told expanding a PIC 9(8) comp field to PIC 9(16) comp was out of line. That's just ridiculous.
   I worked over a day on a program that wasn't even used. It was someone elses junk.
  I've been reprimanded for not increasing a table size to 3,000. Jeanne said I didn't test the program.
  She was looking at a table that represented a small subset of the table need to be increased in size.
  BTW - That was the program that I took all of Mikey's code out of. I restarted it from scratch.
  He had no idea what he was doing. 
  Man, I sat back and took her insults.
Monday, October 24, 2005 6:06:19 AM, From: Jim, To: Stories