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A fellow programmer (contractor) got an email from JoeSmith@yahoo.com.
It had to come from someone at work, because you could guess an M2-Corp address.
They had to know it. It said:

Please, control your coughing. It's very annoying and I can't concentrate at work because of it.
Seek medical attention for it, or do what ever you have to do, but stop it.
The break area (where the coffee and refrigerator are) has a sign on the wall. It says:

Please be quiet, there are people working.
The front door is locked. Someone always has to let people in.
Its probably the only office in the building with a locked front office door.
Unlike the IRS, there are no live data systems there. If anything, they're across the hallway, in a different area.
Besides, every place I've worked has an auto logoff set on Tacl.
I'm told if I were to enter Linda, the office manager's, office and she's not there, 
I'll be fired. uh...ok.
I'm told Jeanne at work fired a guy for saying he worked on Saturday,


because the key card system for the building didn't show him entering the building.
#1 That's just a very ill thought lie, if someone actually did say it.
#2 Why would someone check and depend on a system they know nothing about, when they're Tandem experts?

#3 Why wouldn't they check the Tandem system that they are supposed to be experts on?
#4 Why would someone spread that kind of rumour if it were true, anyway?
#5 If work had fired him for that, and they wrote it down, they could be liable for a lot of money if sued and they couldn't prove it. At the very least, they could be sued for slander. And that would just make them stupid.
Anyone should know that. I think they teach that in Management 101.
What else do you get in trouble for?
If you come in early, you have to prove it with an email (that could easily be fudged, check out who spams you sometime)
If you work late, you have to prove it with an email.
If you take a longer lunch than normal, you will get reprimanded for it.
If you need to take off early, you should put it on the calendar.
If you don't send an email with TIME SHEET W/E 100505 as the heading with your time sheet attached, you will get reprimanded.

If you work on a program for two days, you must enter that in the code (in a comment). 

If you accidentally change your program's source date (not the code) the day after you've finished it,

you have to document it. But you don't have to recompile it, which seems strange.
Does any of this make any sense?

If you receive a project on Friday and accept it just before you take off, it will be two days late on Monday, and they say that to you. (Mine was a program I'd accepted on Friday before a three day weekend). On Monday, it was 4 days late. I got reprimanded for that.

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