Another wonderful day in Pittsburgh
It looks like another wonderful day in Pittsburgh.
I can't begin to describe my feelings.
I wake up in the morning and a cardinal is peeping at my door. I toss it some peanuts. Then out comes Scats, our friendly chipmunk, who fills up his ever expanding cheeks with peanut morsels.
Life is everywhere and it seems boundless. From critters the size of a speck, to the bounding deer traversing the mountain slopes, it's incredible.
My contract should end in September.
And when I go, all my memories of this place, and its beautiful people, will be frozen in a place where there's no space, and no time.
So if you catch me sometime,
looking at nothing with a smile on my face, that is where I'll be. These last few years have been the best of my life.
I want to leave this life happy,
in my sleep like my Grandfather, and not like the other people in his car yelling and screaming.
Friday, May 22, 2009 6:41:01 AM, From: jim, To: Stories