My Plan for Saving the United States
This would be my plan for saving this United States. Of course, I'm saying this in jest, but it has a touch of seriousness to it.
First, do not buy any Chinese products.
That will create 100 million jobs.
The Immigration problem is a simple issue to solve.
Anyone whose parents weren't US citizens, cannot be US citizens.
Of course, this would be retroactive, meaning your parents could not be citizens if your grandparents were not citizens...and so on and so on.
Sounds a little bit racists, doesn't it?
Solving the Social Security problem is also simple
If the thought is that immigrants and poor people are sucking up all the social security money, the answer is simple...don't provide them with life saving medications.
There is the thought that maybe there should not be a cap on paying social security. Right now, any earnings over $100,000 is not subject to Fica.
My plan for increasing defense spending while decreasing social security.
Create more wars on the other side of the world, then send old people over there to fight them.
That should do it.
The education problem is another easy one to solve.
Eliminate schools! No schools, no failure. Let big business train them.
McDonalds and other big businesses are fully capable of teaching school kid the skill's they'll need for life.
The one thing I would like to see changed here in this wonderful United State is that the government adopt English as its official language.
I think its sad when the over crowded classes in Vegas have to teach a course in two languages.

Thursday, October 4, 2012 11:15:54 AM, From: jim, To: Stories