Antonios, Nails, and Beef-O-Bradys
Becky and Jennifer had their nails done yesterday
(their first manicure). Jennifer picked a color that, well, is pretty unusual, but it sparkles.
Becky's nails were two toned. Looks good.
I met them at lunch time at Antonios, which is an excellent Italian restaurant on our block.
Later, we dined at Beef O Bradys. Today was their Grand Openning. We met the Owner/Manager, the food was great, and guess what, its on our block.
Good food, good times, lots of love...thats what life should be about.
At work, I'm playing the role of problem solver for our somewhat large project,
and believe I'm pretty good at it.
Eventually, all the people in my group come by to ask about something.
It's a privilage I very much enjoy.
On the quit smoking front.
We didn't pull off going cold turkey last Saturday, but we did come up with a nice, modified plan to cut down.
We're keeping our smokes in the back of my truck. Becky's down to 8 smokes a day, and I'm down to 12.
That's really good, considering we were smoking anywhere from 20 to 40 cigarettes a day.
Now this is odd, cutting down on smoking isn't uncomfortable at all.
And when Becky and I go out to smoke, Jennifer comes along. We flip open the tail gate, enjoy the sky show, and laugh about the little things in life.
It goes to show, people can change, and even though change may seem bad, it can be a good thing.
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