The Ghosts of Summerlin
For a moment I was back in 1998
I missed a turn going to my accountants, and ended up on the Summerlin Town Center exit.
I was at the off ramp when I realized that I recognized everything! I'd seen this ramp every day for 4 years.
It felt so warm like I was in complete control and I was at the top of the world.
Then a cold chill came over me.
I realized that what I was feeling was Ruth being at home, Rob living around the corner, Chris and Mike living up the road.
These were all special people to me and it felt so very warm. Just for a moment I was back in 1998.
Then the cold chill came. They fell out of my life shortly after we moved from Summerlin.
Later the next day, I ate lunch with some old timers.
They all knew Rob (who was like my brother for 16 years). We talked a little about him.
He's been gone for so long. I miss him so much.

I don't know...I wanted to cry but then I smiled.
I'm tough like that. I see something good in everything.
But I never prepared for being old. Right now, I can't think of anything good about it.
And I remember the people I loved like it was yesterday. Sometimes it really hurts to know they are gone.
Cold chills, memories, and longing for a past that's out of reach, that was where I was for a moment.
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