Sorry about not posting much lately
Strange times are ahead.
I can't even predict where we will be living in two months. Its going to be an unplanned, and unpredictable year.
Georgia is a friend of Becky's and mine.
She came over for a photo shoot. Since I couldn't email her 60 megs of photos, I put them on this site so she could get them. She's a great gal.
Becky and I have been laying low.
We're couch potatoes these days. With the economy zapping our investments and real estate last year, it makes sense to sit back and save.
We've become, whats a nice way to put it....dull.
So here's the skinny
I may start working full time here, and become a Pennsylvania resident. If that happens, Becky and I may come back to Vegas to grab a few things, take care of some business, and we might even get married. It depends. If I lose my house, I don't want her credit affected. We'll have to wait.
Right now, things are up in the air.
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 10:07:03 PM, From: jim, To: Stories