Who Would Have Thunk It?
Beatnics, Marriage, Housewives, college, family, alcohol, cars, Unions, Job Stability, Life Insurance, Racial Prejudice, window fans, Am Radio, Operator phone connections.
Flying car produced, top speed land - 65 mph, top speed air 110 mph, but didn't sell.
New house $8,400. Avg Income $3,200. New Car $1,500.
Hippies, Sex revolution, Vietnam (war), Kennedy barely wins election, Pot/LSD, Rock-and-Roll, drunks, War, Black and White TV, Tube Radios, Film, Credit Unions, niggers, hippies, tube technology, party lines on your phone, rotary dial, OPEC, aluminum cans, xerox copy machine, welfare rolls.
Aqua car produce, but didn't do very well.
New house $12,700. Avg Income $5,300. New Car $2,600. Interest rate
High Interest Rates, Stagflation, junkies, pot heads, $40,000 houses, LEDS, Color TV, Mortage Insurance, Racial Riots, red necks, air conditioners, Ethel, transisters, push button phones, princess phones, 10 cent phone booths. Electric Golf Carts.
New house $. Avg Income $. New Car $, Interest rate
Disco, Microwaves, CDs, BBSs,  coke heads, BetaMax, Huge Cell Phones, $80,000 houses, Chips, Car Insurance, Unleaded Gas, Chip, ATMs, Self Serve Gas Pumps
New house $. Avg Income $. New Car $, Interest rate
PCs, Internet, Silicon Valley, Yuppies, crack heads, $150,000 houses, Russia, VHS, Insurance on everything, bottled water, welfare reform, Mexican Immigration
New house $. Avg Income $. New Car $, Interest rate
Cameras everywhere, DVDs, Webcams, Legal  Pot, Instant Messages, Iphone, $300,000 houses to $60,000 houses, no health care without insurance
Letsee...what else can I recall? hmmm
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