....Time is in a Bottle
OOOoooooh...you're going to love it Jan. We drove the west coast for the heck of it after my last contact in San Diego.

I was whale watching along the Oregon Coast when the cell phone rings..
The voice says "Hey Jimmy, how would you like to work in Pittsburgh". I said "whhaaaa?"
So I decided to take it.

Along the Oregon/California coastal route, I noticed all of these impoverished coastal towns had three things in common...a convenience store, a hair salon, and a church of sorts.
Some of the churches were in barns, and trailers.
So, I thought, that if this programming gig ever peters out, I'd got ordained as a mininster license. I could go back to Oregon, open up a litte shack.
and call it LVDudes Brotherly Love Shack. I could even have one of those drive through red woods people could get married in...hahahaha.

You will LOVE Carlsebad. That whole area was made for a convertable. I had a six week contract in San Diego, all expense paid, and we spent each weekend in a different motel next to the ocean.
Had the best time of my life there. GOOD LUCK!

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