...Time is in a Bottle
Hi Jim!

Yep, it's me! We were about to buy a house but we were outbid twice, think a little Angel was interfering
because she can she the Time Bottle we're in and had some credit with the Gods to interfere :) "Why Jan,
why? Tell us, The suspense is killing us!!!!" :)

We are going to California baby!!!!!!! My wife's job was relocated there, to Carlsbad and now I'm going
too! We're going to drive, a road trip, "Fear in Loathing In Carlsbad" We shipped the Civic, and the
Chrysler LHS form 2000 {Yes, I bought a boat!!!!! :} and I love it!!!!!! Great big American car. A dream
come true} we will drive. Nice chance to see the whole West coast,
head to toe. My wife will fly back here and then we drive all together. Will be great fun. Will try to take
some 101 and go through the South Oregon mountains.

How are you doing! Having fun I read in Pensylvania. Hope all is well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good to hear from you again, you were out of reach, but thanks to Don I learned it was LVDUDE to put
be back on track of your site!!!!!!!

Greetings from a cold Bellevue where it's supposed to snow tonight!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009 6:54:40 PM, From: Guest, To: Stories