I will have a UFO, sunny side up
Becky and I were eating outside.
We were eating outside at a restaurant in Gettysburg, PA when I saw was a bright light with a glowing cone under it, like a light in the fog. I picked up my camera, other people noticed me doing that, and they saw it too. Now, normally I'd think it was just a helicopter with an unusual spot light on it, BUT, the light went out and the cone continued to glow.
All I could figure is the light was still on, but something on the craft blocked our view of it. I had to think about this, because I didn't understand how the cone shaped beam could continue to glow.
BTW - My camera was on auto focus. It didn't want to focus on the sky. Plus, the light was next to Venus, making any kind of light adjustment difficult.
I gotta say right now, I don't believe it was an extraterrestual vehicle...I'd think it was just another odd craft.
There's a lot of them around Gettysburg and I'd bet it was a demo from Eisenhower Weekend there.
On the other hand, after thinking about it some more, I think it was a phosphorus light suspended by a parachute (the kind they use in battle). It was a windless night.
The rest of this blog, I scraped off of the internet. I think its amazing how people describe this.
1. I was standing in my yard with friends and looked up at the clear night sky. There were no clouds. I saw something and mentioned it. We all looked up.
Before us was an unexplainable sight. There was an intense bright light high in the sky. It was very high and very bright.
Beneath this light was a cone shape of light, as if it was a flashlight pointing from space.
There was a fog or a smoke being illuminated by this light. The bright light disappeared. Then the smoke slowly dissipated, leaving no trace.
Within 30 seconds all that was left was the clear night sky.
2. i went out to pick up a pizza last night at 750 pm
and when i got out of my truck i noticed a white light shining down from a cone shaped mist there didnt seem to be any movement i was looking south over the top of the building at about 30 to 35 degrees it was a perfectly clear sky i watched the light for about 30 seconds before it just faded out
at first i thought it looked like a spotlite shining down but then i realized there was no sound and that it looked as if shining thru a mist nearest i can compare it to is a rocket shooting up and the mist looked like the trail but the light was white not orange there was no sound and i couldnt see any movement so i assume the object was very distant then it just faded away no sign of anything not even the mist
3. Large bright white cone-shaped light shining downward over ocean south east of sea isle city
At approximately 8 PM on Saturday 9/19/09, my wife and I were on the front deck of our house in Sea Isle City, NJ when we both witnessed a bright white light in the southeast sky over the ocean approximatley 45 degrees off the horizon. The light appeared larger than any star visible in the clear sky, and was much larger than a light typically seen on an aircraft. At best, it might have been the size of a helicopter search light, but there was no sound to indicate that any such craft was in the vicinity. The light then reflected a cone-shaped aura, shining downward for approximately 10 seconds. A mist then developed first below, then surrounding the light source. The light then gradually dissipated (~5 seconds), disappearing while the mist remained visible for approximately 2 minutes. There were no clouds in the otherwise clear sky.
We both questioned whether/not we might have witnessed a UFO….not certain of what else it could have been….I later reasoned that it might have been a distress flair from a ship, but there were no such reports that we could find in that locale. We were surprised to find, however, a number of similar reports of sightings along the east coast and Middle Atlantic states around the same time.
4. I was standing on my porch looking into the sky as I usually do when I noticed a bright star with a cone shaped light illuminating the sky.
The foreign object, located in the southern sky, approximately 7-8″ inches south east of another star was relatively motionless. The duration of the sighting lasted maybe 10 seconds, although it may have been in the sky longer without my knowledge. As I began to examine the object closely with my naked eye, the cone shaped light beneath the star began to fade away. Almost simultaneously the bright star attached above it also disappeared. It seemed very peculiar how the object disappeared, given the fact that the sky was clear of any clouds. This is unlike anything I have ever seen before. At the time of the sighting, I felt a sense of composed excitement. A part of me felt honoured to have experienced the sighting, while another part of me felt the urge to share the expereince with others.
Sooo, what was this?
5. My boyfriend and I were on the access road at the bottom of Triangular Field in the Gettysburg National Park.
I am a paranormal investigator, we were doing some experiments and recordings, etc. I was taking radom photos of different areas. He told me to look over in his direction and up in the sky. The sky was very, very clear and stars visible. I noticed a black/gray cloudy area and suddenly, a cone-shaped beam of light came from this area in the sky shining on the ground. He saw a triangular shape in the sky where the beam of light was coming from. We did not hear a sound coming from this. The normal sounds of insects, etc. was not audible. This was not a normal beam of light that could be associated with a helicopter, airplane, etc. I wanted to take photos but, I couldn't move my arms. I was totally mesmerized by this beam of light. The beam of light suddenly retracted straight up towards this triangle shape in the sky and disappeared into this black/gray area. The sky cleared and it was gone. We are still scratching our heads over this one. My boyfriend was actually looking at what he thought was a very bright star when this appeared and he called my attention to it. The beam of light did not move either. It was focused on something on the ground.
Today, I was listening to my recordings and there seems to be about 3 mins. of recordings missing. I can't explain it, I just know they are gone for no reason. We are still talking about this incident. My friend called me this evening to tell me that her oldest daughter and nephew saw the same thing in West Baltimore.
The first photo was taken during the day when we were leaving Fairfield, Pa. heading back to Gettysburg. The second was the only photo I could get, it's not a good one. I will say this, I am a Paranormal Investigator and am an objective one at that. I scrutinize evidence over and over. I've seen and experienced many things but, nothing like this ever.
6. While at a friends house last night 4 of us wittnessed a bright light with a cone shaped discharge coming straight down
the gradully disapeared and discharge slowly diminished lasted aproximatly 20 seconds we were facing south Freeport long island
NOTE: These depictions are not necessarily what I saw.
I know exactly what I saw. The light lasted about 10 seconds. The spread of light was not focused, it did not hit the ground, it did not retract back up into the craft. The light cone seemed to be spread over an area maybe 300' above the ground. I don't know why it didn't fade out, but it seemed to stop on a level plane above the ground. The object above it may have been 50'...of course, this is a guess because I don't know how far away the object was.
What has surprised me was that this light was seen as far 75 miles away in Sea Isle PA. That would mean the light couldn't have hit the ground in Gettysbug (wouldn't it?).

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