My dream, my god, my religion
Perhaps I'm crazy. Maybe I'm just silly. I'm sure my perspective will be viewed as offensive by others. But I think all voices should be heard.
The dreams of flying started coming when I was 5.
I'd often laugh my self awake.
I had an angel. She was both fun and beautiful.
We'd fly in a bed with an open canopy. Silk sheets would float all around it.
We'd fly over cities, and watch people. My angel was my guide. She'd always fly somewhere above me.
Sometimes we'd go through the black pulsing tunnel with faint bands of rouge. I'd be alone, but she was never far. It felt wonderful.
My angel left some time after I started school, but I remember those dreams because they felt so real. These were just dreams though.
I think my angel will return to me in death and I have no fear of dying. I think the angel was me.
I feel strongly about god.
I don't know god though. My brain is just too tiny to say that. For me, it would be like claiming I know the whole universe, or that I know what's in an atom. All I can do is guess.
I think maybe the reason why I avoid preachings is because I grew up with it.
I listened to so many clueless people. They'd read, they'd quote, but that had no idea what they were saying.
I'd read, I'd listen, I'd learn and I'd comment, only to hear someday when I knew god, I'd understand.
I don't have a common basis for talking to other people about their concept of god.
Mine is my own perspective. I see what god wants me to see. I do what he tells me.
I'm received very well by the people I meet. My goal is to make them smile. I'm not supposed to advise them. I don't preach.
I don't have any close friends. I don't think I am supposed to.
I have been given a someone to love and share life with and I am very grateful to god for bringing her to me.
I'm grateful to her for being by my side through thick and thin, and for always loving me, even through my dark hours.
I think what I'm trying (or maybe supposed to say is), god shows us different things.
We see what we're supposed to see. My visions take me to a different dimensions.
I'm all alone because I have to be. I rarely share the god that I see with others. Others will see something different.
Like a vision of a pigeon on a window sill, we see different things.
Its the same bird, same god, but we have different perspectives. I always see a wonderful, loving creature.
Its for this reason that I think all visions should be respected.
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